Jong C. Limb
A founding partner of Domus, Jong Limb has over twenty years of experience in equity investment and asset management. With a keen understanding of the affordable housing market, Jong helps Domus to efficiently target its acquisition dollars to provide essential housing services while bringing value to the investor.
Monique Hastings
A founding partner of Domus, Monique Hastings has extensive experience in the equity investment and asset management sectors of project development. Acting from the investor's perspective, Monique helps Domus structure deals efficiently while providing essential due diligence and contract review capabilities during the acquisition and finance phases.

Vice Presidents

Ruby Dhillon
Ruby Dhillon manages the Domus Development Southwest branch and is responsible for acquiring and coordinating the development of low income tax credit housing in the Southwestern United States. For the past nine years, Ruby has worked in both the public and private sectors of affordable housing; therefore, acquiring the practical knowledge and skills beneficial to navigate through the complexities of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program at both the federal and state level.